Disciples of Christ

Disciples of Christ

Free Spirit Christian Church is part of a larger denomination called the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or “Disciples.”

The Disciples were started over 200 years ago by people who thought that Christians shouldn’t have to be divided into many different churches. Today, we still believe that people don’t have to act or think the same way to be a community.

The Disciples don’t have a list of beliefs that all churches have to accept or a specific way that worship has to be done, so each Disciples church will look and feel unique. However, Disciples celebrate communion at every worship service. Instead of being brought together by what we think, Disciples are brought together by what we do–joining together around the table to remember Jesus and come closer to him. When we have communion, everyone is invited to take part.

Disciples baptize people after they make their own confession of faith in Jesus. Normally we baptize by immersion (getting dunked!) However, if you were baptized in another church or another way, you don’t have to be baptized into the Disciples specifically. And if you can’t be immersed in water, you can be baptized with water in another way.

Disciples have pastors, but we believe that all Christians can be leaders. You don’t need a title to speak in public, preach, or lead worship.

In 2000, the Disciples made a commitment to start 1000 new churches by 2020 and to become an anti-racist church. Free Spirit is part of both those commitments: we’re one of the 1000 new churches and we’re committed to being an anti-racist congregation.