What You’ll Hear

Just like every individual is unique, every spiritual path or tradition is unique, and they all have value. At Free Spirit, we’re following the spiritual path of Jesus. We read the Bible and listen for God speaking in it.

We believe that everyone has something to teach, so we make room for everyone to speak. We don’t have a list of beliefs you have to adopt or rules you have to follow. We don’t tell you what following Jesus looks like. We expect that since each person is unique, each of us will have a different take on spirituality, and that each person’s wisdom is valuable.

Still, there are some things you’ll hear if you hang around Free Spirit:

  • You’ll hear about God’s love. God is love, and we work to show that love to all people. Love casts out fear, and you’ll hear about how to overcome your own fears and how to help others be less afraid.
  • You’ll hear about accepting forgiveness. Even though humans are inherently good, we can be awful to each other. Guilt and shame about our past actions only holds us back from being the best we can be today. So you’ll hear about how to let go of the past and embrace the present with joy.
  • You’ll hear about true community. We believe in taking down the barriers that separate people from community. We are anti-racist. We believe in the full equality of women, men, and other genders. We make room for people who are neurodivergent, living with mental or physical illness, or disabled in different ways.
  • You’ll hear about overcoming barriers that separate people. There are strong forces trying to keep us from truly knowing each other, and Free Spirit is committed to actively pushing back against them. We serve together and empower anyone who comes to help their neighbors in new ways.